Thursday, October 9, 2008

About this Blog

I’ll give it to you straight: We (my wife and I) like to eat out. We like to drink while we’re out. And we like to do these things in far-flung remote regions of the world. (And sometimes even pedestrian ones.)

We've discovered our favorite restaurants, bars, or travel destinations through conversations with close friends, by talking to like-minded people we don’t know well, and by gathering intelligence from the locals. We figure this blog might help spread a little of that good eating, drinking, and traveling karma to others.

Since we don't know you (yet), a few words about me and my wife so you know whether you should beat it now or give this thing a chance.

On Eating
We love eating out and do it a lot. Some might say we’re foodies. Sadly, we don’t get out as much as we did when we lived in Manhattan (five times a week), but we get out enough so that when we’re writing about places we’re drawing our opinions from a large sample.

We enjoy everything from upscale, well appointed restaurants with tasting menus, to a down and dirty burrito in the Mission. However, our expectations of each are very different and our reviews and commentary will reflect that. On average, we probably eat out at nicer places, but we’re always on the hunt for a great value.

We like all types of food (except goat cheese, but don’t hold it against me).

On Drinking
Dining should involve drinking. Not necessarily to excess, although it happens to the best of us, but it should entail pairing your food with something that compliments it. If you don’t buy into this, our blog is likely not for you. (Unless you’re a friend of Bill’s, then we welcome you with open arms.)

We also like going out to bars. I really like dive bars. The wife likes neighborhood bars. Luckily there is often a nexus where these two types of establishments meet, ideally within walking distance from home. We also like some upscale bars, perhaps before or after a meal, but if we’re parking ourselves somewhere for a while we angle for casual, comfortable, and the right attitude.

On Traveling
I like traveling to places where most people I know would not go, and often where there is scuba diving. I have an island fetish. My wife likes going to interesting places and exploring as well, but she’s a bit more on the pampered side. Somehow we work it all out and end up going to places ranging from Nicaragua to South Africa to Hawaii.

Well, enough about us and onto the task at hand. We hope you enjoy this blog and pick up some tidbit that leads to a great meal or a wonderful trip.