Thursday, October 9, 2008

Full Disclosure - Conflicts of Interest

The old grey lady this blog is not, but I still feel it’s important to be above board regarding any relationships that have the potential to influence, or be perceived to influence, the content or opinions on this site.

I have such relationship with my employer, Center’d, a location-based planning site that helps people plan any type of event or activity. Its content is germane to eating, drinking, and traveling, and this relationship likely will influence where I choose to point people for more information about relevant places. For instance, when including links for more information about a restaurant mentioned on my blog (say, for the address or a map), all things being equal, I’ll point it to Center’d instead of somewhere else. This relationship will not influence any other decisions or opinions regarding the content of this blog.

That’s it for now. When relevant, I will always endeavor to fully disclose any other potential conflicts, on an ongoing basis here, or contextually within the content of specific articles.

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