Thursday, October 9, 2008

Review: Maverick Restaurant

We inaugurate our restaurant reviews with one of our current favorites, Maverick, which was named before Sara Palin started using the word every thirty seconds.

Let’s get our definition of favorites out of the way real quick: This is the type of place you’d eat a couple times a week if you had your druthers. It’s that great combination of atmosphere, menu selection, flavor, consistency, price and service that rarely comes together except in exceptional restaurants.

Located in the Mission in Limon’s old digs before they outgrew them, Maverick has a great menu that is equal part fan-favorites that stay a while mixed with seasonal updates or exciting experiments.

The service is excellent, due to co-owner and host Mike Pierce’s standards, attention to detail and personality. Mike also oversees the wine list and is always good with a wine recommendation, which you’ll likely need because the list does not focus on well-known vineyards. Don’t be afraid, though, the wines are great and you’ll get to try something you likely haven’t had before. Did I mention bottles are 40 percent off on Monday’s…?

Scott Youklis’s menu is a delight – there are tasty regulars you can depend on time after time like the fried chicken for dinner or cheese steak for brunch, and there are always a few new items if you want to venture out with something new. The food has a southern influence which comes out in certain dishes like the fried chicken and recently, the shrimp on toast.

There is no bar area for waiting, but they make good use of the bench out front where you can have a glass of wine while you wait if the weather is nice.

Prices are moderate for San Francisco, with appetizers ranging from $6 - $15, and entrees from $17 - $28.

The Verdict:
A favorite - definitely try it for both dinner and brunch and say hi to Mike for us.

Recommended Plates:
Southern Fried Chicken, Shrimp on Toast, Texan Migas (brunch), Brunch Sandwich (brunch), Wagyu Beef Cheese Steak (brunch)

Recommended For:
Brunch, A hangover that doesn’t require hard alcohol, A good deal on wine (Monday’s), Dinner any night for a wide range of occasions

Bar Stats:
Beer and wine, no seating

Why do Boston Red Sox team members eat at Maverick when they’re in town?

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Maverick restaurant website

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