Saturday, October 11, 2008

Review: Conduit

Open less than a year, this uniquely designed restaurant is also a current favorite of ours.

We’ve been to Conduit several times, and haven’t been disappointed yet. The staff, from host, to bartender, to servers (we love Jolie!), to chef are friendly and helpful. A bonus, although I hope it doesn’t reflect poorly on their business, is that you can usually get a day-of reservation for a reasonable time.

The eponymous décor is fun and spacious. There is a good-sized bar if you arrive early and want to have a drink, and they make a number of specialty cocktails that are quite good. We especially enjoy sitting at the kitchen counter for dinner which allows you to view the meal preparation as you peruse the menu, as well as engage the chefs when they’re not too busy.

The food scores higher on the appetizer side, with standouts like the little gem salad and quail with fried green tomatoes. The mains are always satisfying, however, and we’ve also had a couple desserts that were very good. We usually split a couple appetizers and one main and walk away very pleased.

Prices are in that moderate SF range (Appetizers $9 - $14; entrees $22-26), although I feel like we end up spending more here than other similarly priced places… perhaps that’s a testament to how much we like this restaurant.

The Verdict:
A favorite - definitely worth a stop for dinner.

Recommended Plates:
Tomato salad with watermelon and ricotta, Whatever quail appetizer is on the menu, Little gem salad, Beef short ribs

Recommended For:

Dinner, Kitchen counter dining, cocktails before dinner

Bar Stats:
Full dedicated bar, specialty cocktails, ample seating

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Conduit website

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