Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Review: Serpentine

Tucked away in the once sleepy but now hip Dogpatch, Serpentine has made a solid case for working its way into our restaurant repertoire.

We had been earlier this year and liked it, but the only thing that stood out at the time was the savory bread pudding. On our second visit last week, we were impressed with everything we ordered and the service was excellent. The menu is great - there were at least four other items I was dying to try, but that will have to wait until our next visit.

The restaurant is housed in what looks like a converted industrial space with lofty ceilings, and exposed brick and cement. This raw feel is softly accented with window-sized pictures of the ocean, and votive candles at night add some warmth as well.

We took a gander at their brunch menu which convinced us we need to make a trip back soon.

Given the quality, for San Francisco Serpentine is well-priced. Appetizers range from $7 - $13, although most are under $10; entrees go from $13 - $26, but with a great selection under $20.

The Verdict:
We’re going back for more, and definitely trying brunch.

Recommended Plates:
Savory bread pudding, Fried green tomatoes, Lamb stew

Recommended For:

Bar Stats:
Full bar, seating is crowded since dinner is served at the bar

Information, photos, and map for Serpentine

Serpentine website

P.S. - We've heard good things about the wine bar, Yield, across the street but didn't get a chance to check it out. Might be worth a stop before your meal at Serpentine.

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