Monday, October 20, 2008

First Look: Poesia

We ducked into Poesia for dinner a couple nights ago and were pleased with this neighborhood find.

Nestled upstairs in looks to have been a former residence, Poesia has a warm and charming atmosphere with a personable and helpful staff. The menu felt like familiar Italian, with some twists - the fritto misto, for example, includes ricotta and salt cod versus the standard calamari and veggies, and they have a pasta with pork ribs.

We had the Tagliatelle all Anatra, a home-made pasta with a duck breast ragout, which was spectacular, and the Egglant Parmigiana which was solid.

All told, Poesia has potential to become a regular neighborhood haunt, although we'll have to confirm our suspicions with a couple more meals there.

Information, photos, and map for Poesia

Poesia website

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